It's a mystery how Peter Schonau Fog manages to combine child abuse, a study of a rural community, affecting tragedy and black comedy into a satisfying whole, but in "The Art of Crying" he pulls it off. A gently offbeat study of a Jutland family in the early 1970s as seen through the merciless, innocent gaze of an 11 year-old boy, this refreshingly unconventional pic tackles its taboos with
compassion, grace and wit.
Jonathan Holland, Variety

Emotionally devastating and astonishingly mature, this is a unique feature debut. Steve Gravestock, Toronto International Filmfestival

A young Scandinavian genius tackles Bergmanesque themes of family taboos and relationships with pathos, humor, and a loving eye. Chiseko Tanaka, Tokyo International Film Festival

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Screenings at European Film Market

Kunsten at graede i kor/The Art Of Crying will be screened at European Film Market in Berlin:

Sat Feb 10 13:30
Marriott 2 (E)
Digi Beta

Tue Feb 13 17:00
Marriott 2 (E)
Digi Beta

Welcome to the European Film Market (EFM), one of the top annual events for the international film industry. Since 2006, the central location for the EFM is the Martin-Gropius-Bau, situated in the heart of Berlin within the immediate vicinity of the festival centre. Once again this year, additional attractive space will be available at the EFM Business Offices at Potsdamer Platz 11. The Market’s attractive locations, its productive integration into the Berlinale, one of the world’s largest film festivals, as well as selected co-operations and partnerships come together to make the EFM one of the most dynamic marketplaces for international film.

At the EFM 2006, 264 exhibitors from more than 50 countries were represented. A total of 618 films, including more than 400 market premieres, were presented to professional visitors in 1,000 screenings. The trademark of EFM is the timeliness of the films and projects as well as its close connections to the festival programme: Around 30 percent of publicly screened Berlinale films are presented in EFM screenings.

The EFM offers the ideal infrastructure to inform oneself on the diversity of international cinema, to discover new trends and to strengthen one’s own position in the market.