It's a mystery how Peter Schonau Fog manages to combine child abuse, a study of a rural community, affecting tragedy and black comedy into a satisfying whole, but in "The Art of Crying" he pulls it off. A gently offbeat study of a Jutland family in the early 1970s as seen through the merciless, innocent gaze of an 11 year-old boy, this refreshingly unconventional pic tackles its taboos with
compassion, grace and wit.
Jonathan Holland, Variety

Emotionally devastating and astonishingly mature, this is a unique feature debut. Steve Gravestock, Toronto International Filmfestival

A young Scandinavian genius tackles Bergmanesque themes of family taboos and relationships with pathos, humor, and a loving eye. Chiseko Tanaka, Tokyo International Film Festival

Monday, January 29, 2007

Göteborg festival daily - interview

The Art Of Crying

THE ART OF CRYING, directed by Danish filmmaker Peter Schønau Fog, is a gentle study of a dysfunctional family, set in rural Denmark in the early 1970s.

»I felt it was a really important film to make, even though it has been extremely stressful. The issue of child abuse is something that is dealt with in a very strange way. There is a certain taboo connected to it that I wanted to explore«, says Schønau Fog.

The film resolves around Allan, a precocious eleven-year-old boy who grows up with his mother, his depressive milkman father and his older sister Sanne. It should be an idealistic environment, but it is not. Allan’s father is frequently threatening to commit suicide, claiming that no one understands him, that no one loves him. Allan adores his father and tries his best to comfort him. Without realising the consequences of his actions, and in order to make his father feel better, Allan convinces his older sister to “comfort” daddy on the couch.

»THE ART OF CRYING« is a complex movie with moments that are tempered with dark, almost absurd humour that moves the spectator between despair and amusement. Schønau Fog always felt that the only way to treat the issue of child molestation was to add some humour to it.

»I hope people will watch my film forwardly and understand it retrospectively. I wanted to make a film that spoke to the audience through emotions. Sure, it is a black and tragic movie, but through the eyes of Allan, some things are so innocent that they become humorous. It’s so tragical it becomes bizarre«, says Schønau Fog.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Closed screenings for danish cinema owners

Closed screenings of The Art of Crying/Kunsten at Græde i kor for danish cinema owners in "Filmtræf 2007" in Horsens.

23. jan. 16.00 Sal A
25. jan. 8.45 Sal A

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Art of Crying invited to Dublin International Film Festival

The Art of Crying/Kunsten at græde i kor has been invited to:

(Feb 16 - 25)

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is one of the most high profile events in Ireland and screens over 100 film premieres and hosts many popular forums throughout the 10 days. It invites and hosts a number of high profile guests and provides an attractive and diverse selection of the best in contemporary world cinema.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sofia International Film Festival

The Art of Crying/Kunsten at Græde i kor has been invited to:

Sofia International Film Festival
(March 1 - 18)

Monday, January 08, 2007

International İstanbul Film Festival

The Art of Crying/Kunsten at græde i kor has been invited to the

Competition of the
International İstanbul Film Festival. (March 31 - April 15, 2007).

The International İstanbul Film Festival was first presented as a film week in the summer of 1982, within the framework of the International İstanbul Festival. Beginning in 1984, the event became a separate activity and was shifted to April.

In 1985, two competitive sections, one national and the other international, were included in the Festival program. Accredited by FIAPF since 1989, the Festival, features a thematically specialized international competition, provides a showcase for recent Turkish film productions, and thus represents a rewarding medium where Turkish and foreign filmmakers get together. The Festival draws a special interest to world classics, presenting retrospective sections within its programs particularly attended by young audiences.

The Festival, whose aim is “to encourage the development of cinema in Turkey, to help Turkish cinema attain international recognition and to promote films of quality in the Turkish market”, has also introduced international institutions and organizations like EURIMAGES and EFDO to the Turkish market.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Göteborg International Film Festival

The Art of Crying/Kunsten at græde i kor has been invited to:

Göteborg International Film Festival
(26. jan - 5. feb. 2007)

In Nordic Competition.

lördag: 27/1 17.30 Draken
söndag: 28/1 12.30 Folkan
tisdag: 30/1 17.30 Handels

Facts about Göteborg International Film Festival
Today, Göteborg International Film Festival is the biggest public film festival in Scandinavia. Each year, some 450 films from 60 countries are screened for 115 000 visitors. Additionally, some 60 film related seminars attract roughly 6 000 visitors. The aim of the festival is today two-fold. Firstly, and most importantly, it's a yearly opportunity to offer interested viewers a broad program of films that not always reach the cinemas. Secondly, it's a meeting place for the Nordic film industry. To that end, in 2000, the festival established a market place for Nordic film. The ambition was to strengthen the role of the festival as a Nordic meeting place and to be the interational link to new Nordic films. During four days, new films are screened for an international group of buyers, distributors and festival representatives. The market place, which runs parallel to the ordinary festival, is called Nordic Film Market and hosts 180 specially invited guests each year. It is today the biggest single market place for Nordic films.

Press release here.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Vilnius International Film Festival

The Art of Crying has been invited to Vilnius International Film Festival (22. march - 5 april 2007)