It's a mystery how Peter Schonau Fog manages to combine child abuse, a study of a rural community, affecting tragedy and black comedy into a satisfying whole, but in "The Art of Crying" he pulls it off. A gently offbeat study of a Jutland family in the early 1970s as seen through the merciless, innocent gaze of an 11 year-old boy, this refreshingly unconventional pic tackles its taboos with
compassion, grace and wit.
Jonathan Holland, Variety

Emotionally devastating and astonishingly mature, this is a unique feature debut. Steve Gravestock, Toronto International Filmfestival

A young Scandinavian genius tackles Bergmanesque themes of family taboos and relationships with pathos, humor, and a loving eye. Chiseko Tanaka, Tokyo International Film Festival

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mannheim - Heidelberg screenings

The Art of Crying is in the International Competition in Mannheim-Heidelberg. Jannik, Julie and Peter will participate in the festival.

From the festival catalogue:

"Papa is often sad. He cries a lot. Sometimes all night long. Only when his daughter Sanne goes to him, does he somehow calm down. Little brother Alan doesn't understand any of it but he knows how to get Sanne to go to their father. He doesn't understand much of anything that goes on around him actually. Why everything happens at night. Why mother escapes into a knockout sleep using pills. Why daddy always wants to die and eventually never does commit suicide. And why his big sister becomes ever stranger. An eerie look at a scenario of abuse."

A news release from the festival: Fractures in childhood.


Date Time Cinema
November, 19 9.00 pm Atlantis 1
November, 20 11.00 pm Odeon
November, 22 6.00 pm Stadthaus

Date Time Cinema
November, 18 7.00 pm Gloria
November, 21 10.30 pm Schloss-Kino I
November, 22 10.30 pm Studio Europa